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Because "well-behaved women rarely make history."

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Summer 2017 in Dallas

$99 deposit will secure your place!

  • Do you long to shake up your life, get out of a rut, shock yourself and unleash your inner bombshell?

  • Could your life use some fire and excitement, a new "sparkle"?

  • Wanting to show yourself exactly what you're made of?

  • Do feathers, glitter, sequins and fishnets make you giddy?

  • Got a secret fantasy to shimmy and shake your stuff on stage?

  • Wanting to love yourself and your body better?

  • Tired of playing it safe and living life 'by the rules'?

Well, Sister Spectacular, get ready...

It's time for YOUR Burlesque Experience!

The Burlesque Experience is a journey like no other.

Over this six-week ADVENTURE you will:

- Learn the basics of the art of burlesque from some of the art form's most talented teachers and performers, including lessons in dance, character development, choreography, stage presence, striptease and more.

- Create your very own character and routine to perform ON STAGE in front of a cheering LIVE AUDIENCE!

- Participate in a glamorous, high art photo shoot with a professional photographer, with professional hair and makeup

- Experience the thrill of being a REAL burlesque dancer for one unforgettable night!

- Completely change the way you face challenges, the way you feel about your body and how you "DO LIFE," FOREVER.


You'll never be the same after your Burlesque Experience.

This six week course will culminate into your live SOLO burlesque striptease performance and in a professionally-produced burlesque show. 

All body types and ages are welcome (and encouraged); no dance or performance experience necessary!

Pricing and payment plans here.

Cost does not include additional costume supplies and accessories, incidentals or private coaching. 

Classes start Tuesday 7/11. Bust-Out show is Friday 8/18.

Classes held at Le Ballet, 2613 North Carroll Avenue, Dallas TX 75204. 

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."
- Neale Donald Walsch

Register for either location here.

Important Note:  If you feel a certain stirring, excitement or nervousness while perusing this site, take that as your body's way of communicating with you a buried desire. Yep. If this site makes you feel giddy, anxious,"butterflies," uncomfortable, restless or even nauseous, what are you waiting for? This is your destiny.

"Take the appearance of fear as a very positive sign. For fear does not visit 
when you are conforming and safely following the rules."
-Mama Gena

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Bachelorette Parties!

Planning Bachelorette Party?
How about a Burlesque Party?
Flirty fun, magnetic moves, various packages available.

Info here!

The Burlesque Experience is filling up fast! Your deposit locks in your spot! Save by paying in full.

What women are saying...

"BE gifted me with a beautiful treasure: access to my uninhibited, daring, sexy self. This side had been a part of me all along! It was scary at times to shed my protective layers. Very scary. I now feel incredibly sensual & so much more in love with my body. And allowing her to join me in venturing out, being bold, being creative and having some fun! "

- Naughtia Noche, Summer 2016 Alumni

 "I was able to reconnect with a part of myself that has been buried for far too long." 
- Jazzmin Jewels, Spring 2011 Alumni

"What a wonderful, amazing experience. I would recommend this class for any woman for a variety of reasons. For me, it reminded me of what a sexy, confident, playful person I am. Lisa is right, it will change your life. You will know it the when it hits you. And after it's over you will try and find a way to keep coming back for more." 

- Velvet Purrr, Winter 2014 Alumni

"What an experience! The most amazing other than birthing my children. I must say, anyone thinking about doing this... stop thinking and do it!" 

- Voodoo Von Vixen, Winter 2014 Alumni

“The most magical time of my life! I never thought doing the Burlesque Experience would seduce me into all the wonderful facets of myself. I feel so blessed to have met Lisa.  I feel empowered, brave, and beautiful. Grateful doesn't even begin to describe it.” 

- Scarlet Peach, Summer 2011 Alumni 

“The incredible spirit of the legacy of women, the presence of the community and the self value is worth just one toe in the first pair of fishnets. I feel so much acceptance from being involved with this gorgeous group. I can't imagine life not having done this.” 

– Jewels La Rouge, Spring 2012 Alumni

 "Today I bought not one but two RED DRESSES. I never had one before. That about sums it up. I feel different somehow. This has been a most memorable experience." 

- Brooklyn Rose, Spring 2011 Alumni

"I already have an audition and a meet and greet coming up! I can't believe how this experience has changed my life for the better! Thanks so much....for EVERYTHING!"  

- Moxie LaVeau, Spring 2011 Alumni

"You will enjoy every minute of this adventure!!!!" 

- Citrine Wonder, Fall 2011 Alumni

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